Medicare Plan Services

Why Medicare? Most agents get into the insurance business to make money and help people. Also they want to build a clientele with renewals, referrals and cross sell opportunities. This makes each year easier and more profitable than the previous year. Also you will have something to retire with or sell later on. If you only sell one product this career will never get easy or very profitable. Medicare Plans help with this. Let’s review the reasons as more and more people are either Medicare Age or are becoming Medicare.

In this video we will list a few important reasons to offer Medicare Plans.


Number 1. It is one of the easiest sales to make, almost everyone buys one.

Number 2. The first year commission is good and the renewals are great.

Number 3. If you do not offer it your competition will and you will lose not only commissions and renewals but many times your client.

Number 4. If you currently have clients you already have people to sell.

Number 5. Unlike life insurance and Annuities, Referrals are very easy to get as people love talking about health plans.

Number 6. Once you have one spouse as a client the other spouse is an easy second sale.

Number 7. It makes you look more professional.

Number 8. A lot of current agents selling Medicare Plans are getting older and are slowing down.

Please contact us to learn more about this exciting market you will be glad you did.