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Welcome to Bay Planning

Welcome to Bay Planning also known as THE LEADER IN LEADS. The main reason brokers work with us is our in-house quality direct mail leads. We have the lowest cost because we have been doing our own direct mail for over twenty years and our overhead is the lowest. Our building and mail machines are paid for. We get volume discounts on everything from lists to toner to envelopes and we pass these savings to our brokers.

We have leads for 4 markets, Final Expense, Mortgage Life, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act We sell the leads at below cost to help our brokers get in front of more prospects to make more sales and income. We sell exclusive leads for only 19 dollars even though they cost us 40 dollars at a 1% rate of return, we are the only marketer doing this. At the same time we offer some the highest vested commissions along with vested renewals.
Unlike most marketers you do not have to stop what you are currently doing to work with us. Our minimum order for leads is 10 for 190 dollars. If your current up line is not helping you make more sales now may be a great time to compare our program. We have excellent references from agents that have worked with us for years and advice from our current brokers.

Each Market has opportunities and difficulties and we will help you choose the best ones for you. We will help you setup a simple client database to make certain you can cross sell products, keep in contact with your clients, obtain referrals and make additional sales you may be missing now. To be successful you must cross sell your current clients.

We offer all of the top carriers and they are listed on our website bayplan.com under company contracts.
On a final note, we lose money on our lead program so we are not able to contract every broker that wants to work with us. Also we have areas that already are taken by other agents. We only work with brokers that are currently making sales each week and making insurance their career. If you are a career minded broker we may be a perfect fit.

COMPARE your current program to The LEADER in LEADS you will be glad you did.