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3 Things You Should Never Tell a Suspicious Caller

Medicare and Social Security Scams

At Bay Planning, we strive to keep you informed. It is important for you to be aware that there are scammers who target retirees on Social Security and/or who are on Medicare. However, as more retirees learn about these scams and get familiar with the common tactics, these stories can change.

One of the most common scenarios is when a retiree receives a call “from Medicare” or “Social Security” asking for personal information. They may call repeatedly or try to trick you by saying they can improve your benefits. It is important that you do not provide them with your personal information over the phone.

What Types of Information Do Scammers Ask For?


Many retirees have fallen victim to scams by giving out their Social Security Number. However, when in doubt, don’t give it out!


When you sign up for Medicare and receive your red, white and blue card, there is a special identifying number on your card. This is often similar to your Social Security Number. Many retirees may not realize that these numbers represent sensitive information and should not be given to a stranger over the phone.


We know, this one seems pretty obvious, but it happens all the time! These scammers are professionals who know what they are doing and can trick even the most skeptical people. Sometimes, scammers claim they are from the IRS or another official government agency and will even threaten serious fines and penalties of the retiree does not take action.

How Do You Know Who is Official and Who is Not?

While we understand it can be hard to tell who the good guys are, you can always remember that reputable organizations will never ask you for these three sensitive types of information in order to “confirm your identity.”

And when in doubt, call us! As a part of our services to clients like you, we help you sort through the inquiries you may receive to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are simply scams.

Is it Safe to Give Information When I Call My Insurance Company?

If you are calling your insurance company, they may need to ask you for some personal information in order to verify who you are. It is okay to give them basic identifying information, like:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number & Address
  • Member ID Number

It is safe to share this information with your insurance company in order for them to confirm who you are.

We Are Here to Help!

If you have any questions about suspicious callers, please contact us! You can reach us at 800-233-7714.

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